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1. Proofreading, editing and analysis of manuscripts
We work with author Tyhe Paul Egar and are slowly gathering momentum in our field. Our proofreading and manuscript analysis services are second to none and you only pay for the services you need. eBook formatting and line editing can be made part of a package if you're looking for those services too. We can also copyright you work so you can rest easy if your sending it to multiple publishers.

2. I need a miracle
This is my first Sci-fi novel based on a dream I had aged 12 years.

3. Tilly the Taxi,
Tilly the is home to Tilly the Taxi and friends, about which a series of children's story books, Tilly's Taxi Tales for children has been written by Graham Freeman we also sell wool, knitting patterns, books about knitting. Pet food, fish food, there are games to play free!

4. Richard Dee. Author of Science Fiction Novels and Short Stories
My life in worlds, Science Fiction writing in Novels and Short Stories. From a Pilot to an Author via a Bakery.

5. Cyberia - By Tim Rowe
Cyberia is a science-fiction novel by Tim Rowe. Set in 2097, it represents a dystopian vision of the future, following the effects of climate change, global population expansion and accelerated resource consumption leading to the global conflict. In the story, the character Malachi Smith regains consciousness at a murder scene with a head wound inhibiting his memory of the preceding events. His first task is to evade the police, but as he begins to investigate his situation, what he discovers is exceedingly strange.

6. Paul Crampton Second-hand Books and Ephemera
Quality second-hand books, photographs and ephemera.

7. Rainbow Valley Books Boutique Publisher
A small boutique publishing house dealing with an open range of titles. Submissions welcomed. Competition for self published books. Get Published.

8. Free eBooks
Free eBooks

9. Simeon Can...
Download free ebooks and short stories from the Simeon can... series of stories. Follow the adventures of Simeon and his sister Syliva

10. Ann Muir Marbling Ltd
Ann Muir Marbling Ltd, Fine Hand Marbled Paper annmuirmarbling

11. Amanda Green author of my alien self my journey back to me borderline personality ocd depression mental illness book reviews
Amanda Greens website about her memoir 'My Alien self: my journey back to me' with information on mental health, including case studies, charities, support groups, telephone support for depression, ocd, borderline personality disorder, child mental illness, weblinks and book reviews

new science fiction paperbacks with funny stories in `Thats life` plus many used items for sale

13. Galleons Green
Publishers of books and enhanced ebooks through ebooktumble. Specialists in crime fiction and thrillers. Plus professional books relating to finance, property, real estate and business structures.

14. Robin's Book Club
On-line sales of Book, Books, CDs, Music, DVD, DVDs, Video Games

15. Book Publishing
Invitation to new authors to apply to be published by i2i Publishing,Lionel Ross the publisher who cares.Sales of latest i2i Publishing books,

16. Global Superstar The Book
Feature on the Superstar page and be a megastar, Global Superstar the book is on special offer, Read The Dream? Go Retro with Don't Blame It On The Sunshine!,

17. Spiritual education and guidance for the heart and Soul.
Spiritual education and guidance for the heart and Soul. Inner dictation and channeling to aid you in self realization and Ascension for this age.

18. Republication of old, forgotten and out of print Viking and Icelandic sagas, myths and legends
A website dedicated to bring old, forgotten and out of print viking and Icelandic sagas, myths, mythology and legends back to life. 33% of the net profit is donated to charity.

19. Racing To Armageddon
A site to publicise Racing To Armageddon, JV Robson's debut novel, a war thriller in the classic tradition. Contains plot summary, 'about the author' and online purchasing details

20. Les romans historiques, de terroir et fantastiques de Martine Alix Coppier, à l'image de ses peintures, dessins et photos parlent d'ombre et de lumière.
L'auteure Martine Coppier, dite Martine Alix Coppier, présente 1. ses créations littéraires : -des romans historiques et de terroirs: "Le Trésor de la Nore" et "l'Héritière de l'abbé Saunière" co-écrits avec Jean Michel Thibaux; "La Recluse du Destel", tous trois aux Presses de la Cité; "Schmil" (la vie d'un juif polak), "Un siècle pas à pas vers la lumière" ("mémoires du général Raymond Coche"), "Bleu Horizon" aux Editions Alzieu -des biographies comme "Lou des Belleville", chez Kahunavision -des écrits atypiques ("Coeur de soleil", chez Cabédita), "les Astrogoths". 2. ses créations artistiques: peintures, dessins et gravures de portraits et paysages et photos. 3. l'intérêt qu'elle porte à l'ésotérisme : psycho-astrologie, tarot, alchimie.

21. Life story videos and life story books, memoirs and memories
We specialise in making broadcast quality life story videos and life story books to share with your family, friends and future generations.

22. Dan Billany
Dan Billany: Hull's Lost Hero. A comprehensive look at the life of author Dan Billany, including Book Reviews, Biography and Poems.

23. harry wells warrington history books
Harry Wells Warrington Local History books

24. Sensual Stories for women a safe place to enjoy your erotic side and explore your sexuality.
Sensual Stories for women a safe place to enjoy your erotic side and explore your sexuality and discover the pure physical enjoyment that only a woman knows

25. 2000ad Dredd Merchandise
2000ad and Judge Dredd merchandise collectables

26. Karin Salvalaggio
Karin Salvalaggio author website which is used to promote a literary thriller or fictional novel called Bone Dust White. The book is fiction and it is set in Collier, Montana in the Flathead Valley and Detective Macy Greeley is sent to solve a murder witnessed by Grace Adams who has recently had a heart transplant. The town is decline. There is a lot of crime, meth production and sex trafficking has been a problem over the nearby Canadian border.

27. Metaphors and short stories for use in hypnotherapy, NLP, psychotherapy and hypnosis treatment.
There are printed and Kindle books packed full of metaphors and short stories that were inspired by therapy sessions with clients for their benefit and you can see YouTube videos that have been made to help to relax people. There are also downloads of mp3 audio recorded for relaxation.

28. The Alterian Empire
A thousand years have passed since the fall of the Alterian Empire. The Alterian Land was split into five kingdoms, each attempting to crush the others. No one gained the advantage and after many years of struggling an uneasy truce was reached. Now the times are changing and soon one man would make his move to change the land forever, in the name of Oranos the god of death and chaos. Only the followers of Alora the goddess of order and life stand in the way. She has a secret weapon, the First Enchanter has been reborn. Leon with the help of Alianna must first travel to the fortress where the Enchanters died to learn about his powers. Lord Orlandi prepares to make his move. Who will survive? Only time will tell.

29. Childrens Books Northern Ireland
Buy local childrens books in Northern Ireland, published in Northern Ireland. Find out how to get your childrens book published in Northern Ireland. Buy "The Lemon Sugar Baked Cookies" by Shauna Dunlop. Home of the Orlagh Rose stories.

30. A book on Miracles and the Afterlife and how clairvoyancy helps us to understand
Miracles and Visits from the Afterlife Book and details about the author, Edward Jeffries

31. FISAE fisae portal for ex-libris and bookplate societies, collectors and artists
Ex-libris or exlibris, also called bookplates, are keenly collected small graphics, there are international congresses of bookplate collectors every two years, with many bibliophiles and artists .

32. To Do List Notebook,Day Planners Notebook,Web Password Notebook,Sports Fitness and Diet Notebook,Sports Results Notebook,Tennis Competition Notebook
Brook Street Notes manufactures notebooks and journal which motivate and inspire. Our product range includes To Do List Notebooks, Day Planner Notebooks, Web Password Notebook, Sports Results Notebook, Sports Fitness & Diet Notebook, Tennis Competition Notebook.

33. I need a miracle
This is my first Sci-fi novel based on a dream I had aged 12 years.

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