Small Business Directory - Manufacturing: Chemical
1. chemical manufacturer of cleaning and metal finishing chemicals.
Access Chemicals chemical supplier and manufacturer specialising in metal finishing, electroplating, phosphating, paint stripping, cleaning, chemical blacking and aluminium processes. a distributor and manufacturer of cleaning and metal finishing chemical products. We specialise in phosphate, cleaning and degreasing, zinc / nickel / chrome plating, aluminium process, chemical blacking, paint stripping and electroplating materials.

2. Doronwell Ltd - Cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical, food & nutrition industries
Doronwell provide cleaning solutions for pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries. Our products are ideal for cleaning all types of equipment, whether you have Cleaning in Place (CIP) systems throughout your plant, Clean out of Place (COP) automated washing baths and bin washers or the simplest of manual cleaning processes. Doronwell is the European agent for Dober Group Inc.

3. A complete solution to cleaning in the home, office and garage. Cleaning chemicals for all applications.
Hyperclene - for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need Lemon Whirl, our market leading whirlpool cleaner or an alloy wheel cleaner. Hyperclene UK has a product to suit. Hyperclene has anti-bacterial cleaners and tfr truck wash. From the home to the office to the garage - Hyperclene UK has a product to suit! Hyperclene specialises in ultrasonic cleaner products as well! Clean plastic, glass, steel, aluminium, chrome..... Don't just clean - Hyperclene

4. Controlled Flame Boilers | Steam Boilers | Industrial Hot Water
UK Manufacturers of Steam, Industrial Hot Water and Electric Boilers. Controlled Flame Boilers +44 1255 224500

5. Marine Supplies and Equipment
Marine supplies, chemicals and products that are IMO Approved that require very little safety for Norovirus protection supplied through our Global network.

6. Nano Cleaning & protection chemicals
ECO.CALIBRE manufactures the most effective environmentally friendly cleaning / degreasing agents on the market today! We also provide the latest Nano Coatings!

7. Sanchem Inc.
Stop rust now with NO-OX-ID corrosion preventive coatings and prevent corrosion of painted metal surfaces with SafeGard CC high performance RoHS compliant conversion coatings. SafeGard

8. Cosmetic Formulation Software
Cosmetic Formulation Software

9. marine urea factory urea and AdBlue supplier
Marine urea / Factory urea / Automotive urea / AdBlue /AUS40 / AUS32 / SCR Installation

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