Small Business Directory - Medical: Research
1. PCMIS IAPT Mental Health Case Management Stepped Care
PCMIS IAPT is a web based case management information system designed for the management of high volume IAPT mental health case loads through stepped care in the best and most easy-to-use way possible

2. Clinical Outsourcing Conference
Clinical outsourcing strategies conference 2014 is a platform for pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and CRO to engage in benchmarking, learning and using the platform as a key point for finding solutions. 18 &19 September in Amseterdam.

3. EpiVision: Ophthalmic Epidemiology Consultants
Epivision: Consultants in epidemiological research concerning vision and eye health

4. Healthcare intelligence and analysis provider, patient information epidemiology prescribing, pharmacovigilance, survelllance, clinical trials, medical
Explore Health is a patient advocacy company that aims to improve health outcomes for patients and communities. Explore offers healthcare providers the capability, services and analytical insight that aids the development of better treatments and improved healthcare for patients across all therapy areas and treatment pathways. Explore enables the safe analysis of anonymised patient and medical information through a network of relationships with primary care and other providers of up to date healthcare information.

5. China regulatory T cells conference
This is the official website for the 2008 Beijing international conference on regulatory T cells. regulatory T cells, Tregs, Treg, foxp3, cell therapy, immune tolerance, immunoregulation, immune regulation, suppressors, suppressor T cells, Ts, transplantation tolerance, transplantation, autoimmunity, autoimmune disease, diabetes, allergy, asthma, cancer, tumor, infectious disease, infection, HIV, Th17, Beijing Olympics

6. PC-MIS IAPT Mental Health High Volume Case Management System
PC-MIS is a web based IAPT management information system designed for the management of high volume mental health case loads through stepped care.

7. The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD)
The Centre for Health Sciences Training, Research and Development (CHESTRAD) is a global non-state, not-for-profit developmental agency established in 1992. It is registered in Nigeria as a Corporation Limited by Guarantee and is tax-exempt. It is also registered in the United Kingdom as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Registration number: 03249311) and is a public charity (1058387). In the United States of America, it enjoys tax exempt contributions and funds from its 501(c)3 supporting organization "The American Friends of CHESTRAD". CHESTRAD is not-for-profit in orientation, registered in the United Kingdom as a charity, enjoying diplomatic status in Nigeria through its pan-African health systems advocacy programme ACOSHED as well as benefiting from the its 501 (c) 3 supporting organisation, the American Friends of CHESTRAD.

8. The Journal of Orthopaedic and Reconstructive Surgery
The Journal of Orthopaedics and Reconstructive Surgery is an Open Access Journal that publishes original articles concerning all aspects of Orthopaedics, Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery. We accept articles of interest on all aspects of bone and joint surgery, trauma and limb reconstruction.

9. The AAIR Charity, asthma and allergy research
The AAIR Charity (Asthma, Allergy and Inflammation Research) based at Southampton General Hospital was set up to raise funds for important research into the causes of asthma and allergy with the objective of finding effective treatments and cures to help secure a better future for suffers and their families. We are proud to be one of the world's leading research centres into these diseases. Ongoing fundraising will enable us to build upon these achievements and develop future projects. Asthma and allegic disease may not seem as emotive as other conditions, but can have a devastating impact on the lives of suffers, often leaving severe patients debilliatated and unable to lead a normal quality of life.

10. UK based medical innovations
UK based doctors who have an interest in medical innovations and have made two patents and are currently developing devices for the medical industry based on our own ideas, these include a new style high flow cannula and a innovative eye dropper

11. IAPT MDS Minimum Data Set Collection Tool
IAPT Links MDS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Data Collection Tool

Last update: Sunday, 06 September, 2015